247ZILLA - Addons

247ZILLA provides a huge number of cloud features as standard and backs it all up with first class customer support. However, we do recognize that some clients require add-on services and products that are not covered in our service plans. With this in mind we have provided a small number of add-ons and products which can be ordered at any time below.
Domain Name Registration

At 247ZILLA, all its customers are allowed to host an unlimited amount of domain names on its web site hosting packages. Customers can order a new domain name or domain transfer during signup and this will be the primary domain name associated with the customer's account on 247ZILLA's service. Please use this domain ordering system, if you haven't already registered a domain name or for those clients who wish to register/transfer additional domain names to host or park at 247ZILLA.

Upgrade 5GB to UNLIMITED

Upgrade your Free 5GB Cloud Web Space to UNLIMITED Cloud Web Space with SSH Access. [ At Just $17 Per Year ]

Please Note:
This upgrade is a low cost alternative to Our Premium Plans. The website will not be moved to a High Performance Premium Cloud Instance and will continue to work on the Free Cloud Instance.

Dedicated / Static IP Address

A Dedicated IP Address (sometimes referred to as a static IP address). Generally having a Website on a shared IP address will not cause you any harm. However, there are a few cases when a dedicated IP is required to install your own Private SSL Certificate. Secure e-commerce Website's also need an SSL certificate for accepting credit cards online.

Private SSL Certificate

Trust and security matter when you're running a Website. You need to know important data is safe. And visitors need to know that you are who you claim to be and that the information they enter is secure. That's why you need an SSL certificate. SSL stands for "secure sockets layer". What it does is simple, an SSL certificate proves your identity and scrambles sensitive information sent across the Internet so nobody else can see it.